Karver KFH + Pack (KFH1+ to KFH8+)

Karver KFH + Pack (KFH1+ to KFH8+)


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Includes KF Drum with 3:1 Shackle and KFH Furling Halyard Lock 

Please note that for KFH8+ there is a 7-14 days shipping time frame.

Furling Locks Swivel

The KFH halyard locks have been tried and tested for many years in the world’s toughest oceans.

Safety: Once locked the halyard is no longer under tension. The compression in the mast is halved and halyard wear is minimised.

Lightweight: The luff is pulled from the bottom of the drum with a block, eliminating the need for a 2:1 halyard set up. It is also possible to use a smaller and lighter halyard as it carries only the weight of the sail.

Simplicity: Once unlocked only the lightest part of the mechanism stays on the top of the mast, the furling lock is on deck leaving no moving parts aloft, making it easy to maintain.

Halyard stretch is a major factor in the loss of performance in upwind sails. The KFH eliminates stretch and creep ensuring your halyard is at perfect hoist everytime and also reduces mast compression. The KFH combines a lock and a swivel to be used with a furling drum.

Application Examples:

As most standard sailing yachts do not include a mast equipped with 2:1 halyard purchase for foresails, it is easier to have a powerful code sail or light genoa using an accurate setting.

A better solution than a fixed furler. The sail can be furled and easily stored, leaving the foredeck uncluttered and the genoa free to tack. Upwind © Karver Systems performance is unaffected.

How Does It Work:

  • To Lock: Pull the halyard to max hoist. The furling-lock becomes a standard top swivel: Just unfurl and enjoy your sail.
  • To Unlock: Simply pull on the halyard again to max hoist. The sail can now be lowered.

The KFH+ package includes:

  • a drum
  • a 3:1 friction sheave
  • a KFH furling lock despite the standard swivel


Part Number Model Code Description SWL tons BL tons
PF550000 KFH1+ PACK Sailing yachts from 10 to 35" 1.5 3
PF480000 KFH2+ PACK Sailing yachts from 30 to 45" 2.5 5
PF470000 KFH5+ PACK Sailing yachts from 40 to 55" 5 10
PF410000 KFH8+ PACK * Sailing yachts from 50 to 75" 8 16

Please note that for KFH8+ there is a 7-14 days shipping time frame.